Jun 28 2013

PISTOL Results - June 1800 Pistol match

The Terrell Rifle & Pistol club fired their monthly 1800 Pistol match last Sunday (23 June). 

Click here to see the scores that were fired:

.22 Caliber

Buddy Chapman           824-20x
Prescott Smith              792-7x
Robert Hanson              790-12
Jim Hamel                     755-12
Roy Plumlee                  722-5
Bill Wilhite                     did not complete

Center fire

Buddy Chapman          813-19x
Robert Hanson            752-4x
Roy Plumlee               702-4x
The following shooters fired their .22 pistols for practice in the CF match.
Prescott Smith        797-5x
Jim Hamel              787-15x
The TRPC invites interested shooters to join us every forth Sunday for our monthly 1800 shot match.
Beginners are welcome and coaching is available from NRA certified instructors. Contact any Pistol Director for more information.



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