Jul 31 2013

PISTOL Results - July Bullseye 1800 Pistol match

Bullseye Pistol Match Results, Sunday July 28, 2013

Five shooters competed in the Club's monthly 1800 Bullseye match, one of whom drives from Shreveport, Louisiana to attend our match.  The weather was hot, but not unbearably so, with little wind.

Buddy Chapman was the winner of the .22 caliber 900 match, the Centerfire 900 match, and thus also the 1800 aggregate.  Congratulations, Buddy!  Rob Hanson, our Louisiana friend, took second in the .22 and Centerfire aggregates, and thus second overall.  Rob brought some interesting equipment with him, competing with a Feinwerkbau .22 pistol, and a 1911 he built in 9mm.

Our next match is scheduled for Sunday, August 25, 2013, with first shot downrange at 9:00 am.

Click here to see the scores that were fired:


Name .22 Agg CF Agg 1800 Agg
Buddy Chapman 818-19x 808-17x 1626-36x
Rob Hanson 812-12x 757-14x 1569-26x
Roy Plumlee 711-3x 735-10x 1446-13x
John Jebavy 751-5x 537-4x 1288-9x
Prescott Smith 793-8 DNF 793-8


The TRPC invites interested shooters to join us every forth Sunday for our monthly 1800 shot match.
Beginners are welcome and coaching is available from NRA certified instructors. Contact any Pistol Director for more information.



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