Sep 24 2013

September 2013 Rimfire Results

On Sunday 9/22  the Club held a test event of the Ruger Rimfire Challenge, taking advantage of the glorious weather to send more than 1,250 rounds downrange. This is a .22 LR-only match.  It is a timed event fired on 5-8 steel targets at each stage.  It is designed to be fun for all skill and age levels and does not involve moving from shooting position to shooting position, drawing from a holster, or reloading on the clock. Ruger Rimfire Challenge is a great way to get involved in shooting competition (or back involved if you have fallen away) and is one of the best ways to get kids involved in the shooting sports in an environment where safety, good sportsmanship, and responsible gun handling are more important than raw skill.

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The test event was a huge success, drawing shooters of all ages and skill levels using everything from six-shooters and lever-action rifles to tricked-out target rifles and pistols. Just about any gun is capable of winning if the shooter does his (or her) part.
Watch the club web site for announcements about match schedules (pending approval by the board of directors) and check out the Ruger web site at for additional information regarding the Ruger Rimfire Challenge.

See attachment for all scores:  RRC Results 9-22-13

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