Jan 15 2014

Pistol RESULTS: January NSSF Rimfire Challenge

We had a total 31 shooters show up and shoot the January NSSF Rimfire Challenge match on 1/12/2014. It was great to see so many families and supporters out on the range for the match and even better to see so many junior and youth shooters participating. This match is excellent for anyone looking to get into the shooting sports. All it requires is the knowledge and ability to safely handle a firearm, a .22lr pistol or rifle, and .22lr ammo (which might be the hardest part of the equation right now).

I would like to thank JD Jim Watson for assisting in all aspects of the match and all of the SO's who did a great job keeping things moving safely and introducing the sport to many first timers - we are the ambassadors of the shooting sports and you guys were great. I would also like to thank all of the participants and spectators who came out to make the match what it is - if no one showed up we wouldn't of had the fantastic match that we had. Thank you to everyone who showed up early to help set up and those who stayed after to help break down and store the equipment. I would also like to thank the TRPC members who volunteered their time to monitor the safety of the match. Check back for announcement of next match date for Februarys' match. I look forward to seeing everyone again (and anyone else interested in the match to come participate or spectate) in February.

Kurt Wojtowicz
NSSF Rimfire Challenge Match Director

Open or download match results here:  TRPC-NSSFRC-1-12-14v1.3.pdf

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