Jan 30 2014

January 2014 TRPC Bullseye Pistol Match Report

Despite generally cold weather this month, match day was actually warm and pleasant. 
Five shooters turned out.  Congratulations to match winner Gary Cosper, who drove over from Sherman to compete with us.

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.22 900
Prescott Smith           834-16
John Jebavy             773-0
Gary Cosper             753-6
Chris Rivers               634-1
Zack Smyth                285-1
Center-fire 900
Gary Cosper               724-5
John Jebavy                554-5
Prescott Smith              DNF
Chris Rivers                 DNF
Zack Smyth                  DNF
1800 Aggregate
Gary Cosper               1,477-11
John Jebacy                1,327-5
Prescott Smith              834-16
Chris Rivers                    634-1
Zack Smith                      285-1


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