Mar 30 2014

3rd Annual Double Dog Dare

The 3rd Annual Double Dog Dare on March 30 is designed to be a single day competition encompassing the wide variety of matches held at TRPC throughout the year.  The match is an excellent test of overall ability across many shooting styles and platforms.  It boils down to run what you brung (or can beg/borrow/steal).  There will not be any classes or divisions for any events by firearm, action, caliber, gauge, or sights.  Meaning you can shoot any gauge/caliber in any event and you will be scored against all other gauges/calibers.  Same goes for action types and sights iron sights will shoot against red dot as well as scopes.

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Scoring will be an aggregate of how each individual shooter finishes against the field in each event.  The shooter who wins an event receives 1 point, second place 2 points, so forth and so on for each event independently.  The shooter with the lowest total number of points after all seven events will be the DDD Champion.  In the event of a stage tie where no tie breaker can be used (such as number of Xs) both shooters will receive the same number of points and the next place will be skipped.  Example: Two shooters shoot all 25 skeet.  Both shooters will receive 1 point for 1st place and the shooter who hit 24 clays will receive 3 points for 3rd place.  For precision rifle and bulls-eye pistol the number of Xs will be used as a tie breaker.  For action pistol and action rifle total points down will be used as a tie breaker.
Shooters will be squaded into 5 person groups.  Each squad will randomly select a beginning event.  Each event will be given a 45 minute time slot to complete before moving to the next event.  Shooters will shoot each event and move with their squad the entire day.  After 7 events all scores must be turned in for tabulation and the winner will be announced.
Match Date: 3/30/14
Registration: 8:30AM-9AM
Cost: $15.00
Shooters meeting and then hammer down just after 9:00AM

Please contact Kurt Wojtowicz via TRPC FB page or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in shooting the match or have any questions.

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