May 1 2014

Bullseye Pistol Match Results: April 27, 2014

Despite the threat of rain and tornadoes, 7 dedicated Bullseye shooters turned out for our April 1800 match.  Congratulations to Buddy Chapman, our match winner, with a score of 1,597-13.
We welcomed two new shooters, Scott Bailey and David Hooper, and hope they return for future matches.
Bullseye Shooting Clinic.  Please be aware that Roy Plumlee is conducting a Bullseye shooting clinic at the club on Saturday, May 24.  Kindly spread the word to anyone who may be interested.  This clinic will include both indoor classroom training and live fire--no previous Bullseye shooting experience is required.  Please contact Roy for more details--seats are limited and I think registration is necessary.  If this clinic books up, he will likely hold another one.

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.22 Aggregate
Prescott Smith      821-23
Buddy Chapman   805-16
Herb Williams       781-6
Larry Cannady       777-11
Sue Franks             774-7
Scott Bailey            722-8
David Hooper        595-3
CF Aggregate
Note:  Many shooters fired their .22 pistols for practice during the CF aggregate, and these unofficial "scores" are indicated in parenthesis.  Shooting .22 for additional practice is always permitted at TRPC Bullseye matches, but obviously such scores do not count for purposes of determining the CF or 1800 aggregate.
Buddy Chapman       792-15
Larry Cannady           579-2
Prescott Smith           (831-18)
Herb Williams            (806-16)
Scott Bailey                 (705-8)
David Hooper              (611-1)
Sue Franks                     DNF
1800 Aggregate
Buddy Chapman      1,597-31
Larry Cannady           1,353-13
Prescott Smith              821-23
Herb Williams               781-6
Sue Franks                     774-7
Scott Bailey                   722-8
David Hooper                595-3


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