May 29 2014

Bullseye Pistol Match Results: May 25, 2014

We had a full line at TRPC this past Sunday, including two new Junior shooters.  We welcome the junior shooters, Dylan and Raven Litsinger.  And congratulations to our match winner, Dan Miller, with a score of 1675-49x.

  • Description: Dan Miller, our match winner, posing with one of his fine slow fire targets. This was fired one-handed at 50 yards with a caliber .45 ACP Pardini pistol, scoring 93-3 out of 100 possible points.
  • Description:

    Competitors scoring their targets at the 25 yard line after completing a ten shot string of rapid fire

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 .22 Agg
Dan Miller              846-25
Brian Cowthon      834-19
Buddy Chapman   812-13
Jim Hamel              797-14
John Jebavy           785-9
Sue Franks             781-11
Joe Cawthon         770-13
Dylan Litsinger      592-1
Ed Waynick            578-4
Raven Litsinger      441-1
Center-Fire Agg
Dan Miller                829-24
Buddy Chapman     803-16
Joe Cawthon            715-7
John Jebavy             583-4
1800 Agg
Dan Miller               1675-49
Buddy Chapman    1615-29
Joe Cawthon           1485-10
John Jebavy            1368-13
Brain Cawthon          834-19
Jim Hamel                  797-4
Sue Franks                 781-11
Dylan Litsinger          592-1
Ed Waynick                578-4
Raven Litsinger         441-1

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