Jul 29 2014

July 27, 2014 TRPC Bullseye Pistol Match Results

It was plenty hot in Terrell this Sunday, but we had a nearly full line of Bullseye shooters.  
Not for the first time, Dan Miller was the winner of our 1800 match, with a score of 1624-27x.  Congrats also to Robert Hanson, a Sharpshooter from Louisiana, who took second place with a 1612-23x.  (Rumor has it that the NRA has sent Robert a new classification card via priority mail, return receipt requested.)
Dan also won our practice Distinguished Revolver Match with a fine 263-3x.
We shoot our 1800 matches on the fourth Sunday of each month, starting at 9:00 am.  Our next 1800 is scheduled for Sunday, August 24.  We plan to host another practice Distinguished Revolver match in August.

Check out the video and photos of July and then get details by clicking read more:

This video is an example of a Rapid Fire string in a Bullseye match. These shooters are using Center-fire pistols (mostly .45s and .38s) to shoot 5 shots one-handed while the targets face them for 10 seconds.

  • Description:

    An example of a "clean" Bullseye target.  Time Fire target scored 100-7x.

  • Description:

    Joe Cawthon engages his slow fire target at 50 yards with a .45 caliber 1911 pistol.

.22 Agg.
Prescott Smith       852-22x
Dan Miller               851-18
Sue Franks               811-17x
Robert Hanson        801-7
Brian Cawthon        781-13
Gary Cosper            753-13
John Jebavy             733-14
Joe Cawthon           729-6
Roy Plumlee            720-6
CF Agg.
Robert Hanson        811-16
Dan Miller                773-9
Gary Cosper             752-10
Brian Cawthon         744-14
John Jebavy              713-12
Roy Plumlee             684-3
Joe Cawthon            672-12
Sue Franks                DNF
Prescott Smith         DNF
1800 Agg
Dan Miller              1624-27
Robert Hanson      1612-23
Brain Cawthon       1525-17
Gary Cosper            1505-16
John Jebavy            1446-26
Roy Plumlee           1404-12
Joe Cawthon           1401-18
Prescott Smith          852-22
Sue Franks                 811-17
Practice Distinguished Revolver Match
Dan Miller           263-3
Gary Cosper        228-4
Brain Cawthon   227-0
John Jebavy        222-1

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