Oct 6 2014

RESULTS: Bullseye Pistol Match Results Sun Sept 28

Here are the match results from the 1800 match hosted at the Terrell Rifle and Pistol club Sunday Sept. 28.  Congratulations to Dan Miller, the overall champion, with a score of 1,681-58x.

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.22 Agg.
Dan Miller                845-30
Buddy Chapman     817-14
Prescott Smith        765-13
Brian Cawthon        762-13
Roy Plumlee             718-9
Center-fire Aggregate
Dan Miller                836-28
Buddy Chapman     818-12
Brain Cawthon        765-13
Roy Plumlee            140-1   (did not complete match)
Prescott Smith         DNR
1800 Aggregate
Dan Miller                  1,681-58
Buddy Chapman       1,635-26
Brian Cawthon          1, 539-29
Roy Plumlee                   858-10
Prescott Smith                765-13

We also hosted a 30 shot National Match course for those wishing to practice for CMP Service Pistol Distinguished matches, or the NRA's Distinguished Revolver Match.  This is an unofficial match, for practice only.
Practice DR Revolver or Service Pistol NMC
Dan Miller            260-3   (.38 Colt Revolver)
Brain Cawthon     255-2   (.38 S&W Revolver)
Prescott Smith     240-5    (.45 1911 auto)

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