Nov 25 2014

Bullseye Pistol Match Results, Nov. 23, 2014

Six shooters enjoyed a balmy Sunday at the Terrell range, with temperatures in the low 70s, shooting our monthly 1800 Bullseye aggregate. 

High Standard .22 Target Pistol, vintage 1967. Dan Miller was, once again, the match winner, taking high position for the .22 stage, the center-fire stage, and thus also the 1800 aggregate.   Gary Cosper took second.  We were glad to see a new face, Joshua Wyatt, who usually shoots at the Dallas Pistol Club.  We also welcome Joe Labate, a completely new shooter who fired his first .22 aggregate, turning in a very credible 668-3x.
Our next match is scheduled for
Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014 starting at 9:00.

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.22 Agg
Dan Miller               854-26
Prescott Smith        826-20
John Jebavy           777-7
Joshua Wyatt         768-8
Gary Cosper           765-15
Center-fire Agg
Dan Miller                856-28
Gary Cosper          760-7
Joshua Wyatt         751-9
John Jebavy           340-2    (partial DNF)
Prescott Smith         DNF
1800 Agg
Dan Miller            1,710-54
Gary Cosper       1,525-22
Joshua Wyatt      1,519-17
John Jebavy        1,117-9
Prescott Smith      826-20

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