Nov 6 2013

RESULTS: 2013 Texas Garand Championship

2013 rifle winners 20131106 1245162062Our annual Texas State Garand Championship is planned every year for October to take advantage of temperatures in the 70’s.  This year we received a surprise, a cold front came through Saturday morning and with it a very significant threat of rain.  The weather man had been predicting terrible conditions for days.


Our Garand Championship/CMP Games matches started as they all should, with the US Army band version of revile followed by the national anthem.  The only thing missing was the opening cannon report.  We’ll be working on that.

This year, after nearly eighty individual matches were fired the winner of the Garand Championship was Clay Hefner with a 289X4, followed by Dan Pate in the Springfield match with a 290X10 and Robert Langham the winner of both the carbine and vintage rifle matches with 370X6 and a 287X7 respectively. Our Sunday pistol LEG match winners were Gary Shannon first 257X4, Robert Langham second 256X2 and David Schaller coming in third 255X1, with one point separating each of them.  Daniel Miller, second non-distinguished with a 249X3 picked up the second leg and his second set of pistol points while Gary Shannon, who won the match, acquired his last leg points and became not just the newest distinguished pistol shot, but the newest double distinguished marksman.  Congratulations to all.

I had a stellar crew help me this year and they deserve to be recognized.   The rifle lines were managed by Ron Leraas with David Keyes and John Illzihoefer.  Roy Plumlee took care of our pistol leg match with his usual efficiency and David Wilson managed our stats and made my job of handing out awards easy.  Last I would like to thank the Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club for the use of its facilities.

Now, you might ask, “How did the weather turn out?”   Well, Saturday started with temperatures in the low forties, we then had overcast skies giving us flat light for excellent shooting conditions all day followed that night by lightning, thunderstorms and lots of rain and finally, a very clear second day.  The moral, it’s like hunting, if you’re not in the field the guys who are always reap the rewards.

Match Director,

Alan M. Wilson


Full Match Result Reports:    Garand Championship 2013.pdf       Garand Pistol Match.pdf