Oct 20 2016

RESULTS | Smallbore Prone Regionals

The gusting and swirling winds required the shooters to pay close attention to the wind flags during the smallbore prone 3200 regional tournament held at TRPC on the 15th thru 16th. It’s amazing how the slightest deviation in wind conditions can throw that little sub-sonic bullet out of the ten ring.

All of the shooters handled the changing conditions well, with a couple shooters even setting new (or tying existing) range records. Our own Dave Wilson set a new iron sight 50 meter record with a 400-21X, and David Bay tied the existing optic sight 50 yard record with a 400-33X. Overall winner was David Bay with a 3189-227X (out of a possible 3200); Tommy Laing was second with a 3185-193X. (follow this link to view all results).

Thanks to John Jebavy for serving as line officer and Warren Vandiver for serving as official scorer; and, to Dave Wilson for providing the National Anthem after I realized I had left my player at home.

Ron Leraas