Nov 5 2012

RESULTS: TRPC 1st Annual Conventional Rimfire Prone

RIFLE NEWS for the Tournament:

The TRPC hosted its first annual rimfire prone regional tournament on 22 – 23 September; it is believed that this is the first conventional rimfire regional tournament to ever be held in the state of Texas (excepting the annual state championship tournament). It was truly a regional event, as competitors came from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and south Texas, as well as the Fort Worth, Waxahachie, and local areas.

The course of fire was 160 shots using iron sights on Saturday and 160 shots with either iron or optical sights on Sunday; each day’s course of fire consisted of 60 shots at 50 yards, 60 shots at 100 yards, and 40 shots at 50 meters, for a tournament grand total of 3200 points.

The overall tournament winner was Ed Foley from Tennessee, firing an aggregate of 3185 (dropping only 15 points out of 3200); second overall was Gary Miller from Oklahoma with a fine 3181, followed by Wayne Nunn from Boerne with a 3180.

In all, approximately $300 in prize money was awarded (as well as NRA medallions for tournament placement and NRA medals for classification winners), with TRPC “regulars” getting their fair share of the loot.

Next year’s tournament is tentatively scheduled for late October 2013.

See photos from the event here: