Dec 5 2012

RESULTS: 2012 Texas State Garand Championship

October 27th and 28th is an important weekend in Texas. Its the end of the state high power shooting season and its the annual Texas State Garand Championship at Terrell, Texas.

Saturday, the first relay was firing shortly after 8:00 am and we had an eager group of shooters firing a mix of Garand, Springfield and Vintage rifles with a group of people waiting for the second relay to try their hand at the carbine match. As the day wore on it became obvious that although the scores were ok there was the opportunity for better scores and day two was on the horizon along with the chance for pistol leg points.


Sunday arrived with a light coating of frost and the hope that scores would be as great as the weather and they were. All of the previous days high scores started falling except for one and that shooter confided in us later that if his father knew he won a championship with an m1 carbine instead of an m1 Garand hed be turning over in his grave.

TRPC-12512-1In no time at all we had all the rounds down range and the results tabulated. The rifle match winners were Justin Utley in the Garand match with a score of 284.04, Greg Foster in the Springfield match with a 292.05, Robert Langham in the Vintage match with a 287.02, John Jebavey in the carbine match with a 370.04 and the pistol leg match won by Justin Utley with a score of 264.04. The two leg point winners in the pistol match were Daniel Miller and Kyle Hoelscher.

We had a very successful rifle and pistol match, but it would not have happened and this report would not be complete without giving credit to the Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club for the generous use of their facilities and the hard work of Ken Gaby, Greg Foster, Pat McCabe, John Ilzhoefer, Roy Plumlee, Chris Rivers and Ed Waynick for running our matches; and no one worked harder to make sure we knew who won those matches than our statistician, David Wilson.

Alan M. Wilson

Match Director