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Mar 22 2016

TRPC Personal Defense Match Results 3/20/16

We had 21 shooters come out to the March Personal Defense Match, including a few first time shooters. I would encourage anyone who is interested in testing themselves to come out and try this match, or at least come watch. My squad had a lot of malfunctions, and this is a perfect test to see how you would react under pressure when your gun doesn't go bang. Thanks as always to everyone who came out Friday to setup, and those who help run the match and tear down.

Attached are the results:




Feb 22 2016

TRPC Personal Defense Match Results 2/20/16

We had a great turnout for yesterday's personal defense match, with several first time shooters and even a junior shooter. The stages were fun, weather was great, and everyone was safe. Thanks to everyone who helped with the match.

Attached are the results:  TRPC PDM 2.20.16.pdf

Also attached are the results for the January regular PDM match and low light match here:
TRPC PDM 01.16.16.pdf
TRPC PDM 01.30.16 Night Match.pdf

These scores are posted on Facebook either the day of the match or shortly thereafter.  If you are a member of TRPC, please join the TRPC Facebook page to see the results.  If you are not a member of TRPC, please join the Terrell Action Shooters for the results.



Dec 19 2015

TRPC Personal Defense Match Results 12/19/15

Beautiful day today for the December Personal Defense Match. We had 22 shooters come out for some challenging but still fun stages. It looks like we all need to practice shooting prone and strong/weak handed. Thanks to all who helped setup, tear down, score/paste and JD for the stage designs.

Right click and save link as or click and open pdf:  TRPC-PDM-12-19-15.pdf


Nov 21 2015

TRPC Personal Defense Match Results 11/21/15

We had a pretty good turnout for this morning's Personal Defense Match, given the chilly weather.  Several people brought toys for the toys-4-tots box, which was nice to see.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  Attached are the results.  I ran them using both the old .5 sec/point and 1 sec/point on different tabs.  As you can see, with the higher average points down this match, there was more movement in the results between the two.

Right click and save link as or click and open pdf:  TRPC_PDM_11.21.15_results.pdf

Oct 19 2015

TRPC Personal Defense Match Results 10/17/15

It was great to see so many new shooters come out for this morning's personal defense match. I again encourage everyone to come watch or try this match out, it is a lot of fun.  The weather was cooler, and the stages were fun but challenging for our annual zombie match.  We decided to try out the 1 second per point down method of scoring for this match.  I have attached the results showing tabs using this method, along with the old .5 Sec./Point.  There was very little change between the two.  Thanks to JD for putting this match on, and to everyone else who helped setup, SO, paste, score, and tear down.

Right click and save link as or click and open with Excel:  TRPC-PDM-10-17-15.xls

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